The NPL Second Nature blog highlights important conservation issues and seeks a positive change in attitudes towards the protection of our environment and wildlife.


NPL Second Nature – Informing and Inspiring People to Care.

NPL Second Nature is a blog developed by Paul Sterry and Rob Read of Nature Photographers Ltd, with the support of passionate conservationist Andrew Cleave MBE. It is borne out of a passion for wildlife and a sense of dismay at what’s happening to the world around us. What happens to wildlife is in our hands and we, as humans, have the power to enhance or degrade the world around us. Many of the problems that the natural world faces result from indifference and ignorance, and this lack of understanding leads to a dearth of passion. We are convinced that a combination of imagery and information has the potential not only to inform people about the good and the bad, but also to inspire them to care and stir them into action.

Rob and Paul are the force behind the independent specialist stock image library, based in Britain. We have been operating since the 1980s and for decades have worked closely with the publishing industry. Collectively we have authored and illustrated more books on British natural history than any other independent photolibrary. We specialise in all aspects of British wildlife and natural history, as well as subjects and species from further afield. It will come as no surprise to learn that Rob and Paul are also the driving force behind NPL’s sister organisation Bird Photographer of the Year, whose aims align with Second Nature.

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