Nature Photographers Ltd is pleased to welcome a new photographer to its growing number of expert contributors. Sussex based ex-teacher Evan Jones has a passion for and particular expertise in the spiders of Britain.

As a specialist natural history photographic agency, correct identification is as important as photographic skill; Evan excels in both fields. Below are a few examples of his work from a recent submission. We will be adding many more of Evan’s images to the library’s searchable website over the coming months, expanding our coverage of this group.

Whether you are looking for pictures for a website, printed editorial media, field guide, advertising campaign or one of many other uses, our website provides a fully searchable online database of images. With our team of experts you can be confident of both correctly identified subjects and top quality photographs produced using the latest digital technology.

All images ©Evan Jones/Nature Photographers Ltd

Trachyzelotes pedestris - Female
Trachyzelotes pedestris – Female
Amaurobius similis -  female
Amaurobius similis – female
Stemonyphantes lineatus. Linyphiidae. Female.
Stemonyphantes lineatus. Linyphiidae. Female.